ANTH 219 Balkan Cinematic Representations

In the course of Europe's road to modernity, the southeastern corner of the continent became known as the Balkans. The Western imagination rendered the peoples and the rich cultures of the area as backward, violent, and underdeveloped. This course examines the imagery of the area and its people through film. We will explore the use of history by filmmakers and the use of films in understanding a number of issues in the history of the Balkans. The course will trace the adoration of ancient Greek antiquity and the legacy of Byzantium and Orthodox Christianity as well as the Ottoman influence and the appearance of Islam. The historical past is (re)constructed and (re)presented in film, as are the national awakenings and liberation movements. The list of films we will watch and the anthropological and historical readings we will do aspire to cover various aspects of Balkan societies as revealed through visual and cinematic representations. Balkan film is politically, socially, and historically engaged, and we will use film narratives and stories to understand the area's diverse landscapes and cultures, religions and identities, love and hatred.

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