ANTH 310 Wintersession in the Southern Balkans

This course aspires to familiarize students with the subtleties of national Balkan rifts and cultural divisions, through international study in the Southern Balkans during Wintersession. The overall theme of the course will center on national majorities and ethnic minorities. The cultural diversity of the area will be examined both as a historical and as contemporary phenomenon. Students will be exposed to the legacy of the classical world, the impact of Christianity and Islam, the role of European commercial empires, the impact of the European Enlightenment in national movements, the emergence of modernization, and the socialist experiments in Macedonia and Bulgaria. The course will also offer a critical overview of the politics of historical continuity and the resurgence of Balkan nationalism during the last decade of the twentieth century.


Not offered every year. Subject to Provost's Office approval.


ANTH 217 or ANTH 219, or some familiarity with the area.



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