BISC 308 Tropical Ecology with Wintersession Laboratory

Tropical rain forests and coral reefs seem to invite superlatives. They are among the most fascinating, diverse, productive, but also most endangered ecosystems on earth. These topics are addressed during the fall lectures in preparation for the laboratory part of the course, which takes place in Central America during Wintersession. We first travel to a small island, part of an atoll bordering the world's second longest barrier reef off the coast of Belize. In the second half of the field course we explore an intact lowland rain forest in Costa Rica. Laboratory work is carried out primarily outdoors and includes introductions to flora and fauna, and implementation of research projects designed during the fall.


Normally offered in alternate years. Subject to Provost's Office approval.


BISC 201, BISC 207, or BISC 210, and permission of the instructor. Application required.



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