CLCV 226 Wintersession in Crete

This course explores ancient Crete through direct exploration of archaeological evidence across the largest island in the Aegean. Our studies will embrace a long span of history, from the rise of complex societies in the Bronze Age through the modern era. Special emphasis will be given to the art and architecture in the Minoan civilization (3000-1000 B.C.E.) preserved at palace centers, mountain shrines, and agricultural villages. We will explore points of continuity and change in the religious, political, and economic organization of society through the subsequent Greek, Roman, Venetian, Byzantine, and Ottoman periods. We will also examine the special place of Minoan imagery in the island's current identity forged through its unique heritage.


Not offered every year. Subject to Provost's Office approval.


A 200-level course in classical studies or related field. Application required.



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