FREN 207 Perspectives on French Culture and Society: French Identity in the Age of Globalization

In this introduction to French society and culture, we will examine France's identity crisis at the beginning of the twenty-first century. From its historical position of political, economic, and intellectual leadership in Europe and the world, France is searching to maintain its difference as a defender of quality over mass appeal and the proud values of its national tradition in the face of increasing globalization. Topics covered include Franco-American relations, the European Union, immigration, the family, and the role of women in French society. Readings are drawn from a variety of sources: historical, sociological, and ethnographic. Magazine and newspaper articles along with television programs and films will provide supplementary information.


FREN 202, FREN 203, or FREN 205, an SAT II score of 650-680, an equivalent departmental placement score, or an AP score of 4.



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