FREN 228 Wintersession in Paris

An examination of the rapid modernization and urbanization (Haussmannization) of Paris in the nineteenth century and the changes it brought to the life of Parisians. Two authors fond of Paris—Balzac, the eternal Parisian wanderer, and Zola, the social scientist—will be the focus of this course. Balzac witnesses the birth of the bourgeoisie and of the power of money; Zola evokes the monsters they engender. While in Paris, we will follow their steps and discover the neighborhoods dear to Balzac as well as the modern Paris Zola describes in his novel.


Not offered every year. Subject to Provost's Office approval.


At least one unit of FREN 206, FREN 207, FREN 208, FREN 209, or above, or an SAT II score of 690-800, an equivalent departmental placement score, or an AP score of 5.



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