BISC 112 Exploration of Cellular and Molecular Biology with Laboratory

Seminar-style introduction to life at the cellular and molecular level, designed as an alternative to BISC 110 for students with strong high school preparation (such as AP, IB, or other). The course will include eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell structure, function of biological macromolecules, cellular metabolism, molecular genetics, and mechanisms of growth and differentiation, with an emphasis on experimental approaches to investigating these topics. This course will aim to develop students' skills in data analysis and scientific writing along with building foundational knowledge in the field. Lab sections are shared with BISC 110. This course differs from BISC 110 in its small class size and discussion-based format; it meets for one discussion and one lab session per week. Either BISC 110/BISC 112 or BISC 111/BISC 113 may be taken first.


One Fall section of this course is a First-Year Seminar, reserved for first-year students only.


A score of 4 or 5 on the Biology AP exam or equivalent experience or permission of instructor. Fulfillment of the basic skills component of the Quantitative Reasoning requirement. Not open to students who have taken BISC 110.



Semesters Offered

Fall, Spring

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