Department of Music

Professor: Brody (Chair 1), Fisk (Chair 2)
Associate Professor: Fontijn
Assistant Professor: Barzel, Bhogal, J. Johnson
Director of the Music Performance Program: Dry 

Ensemble Directors:
Brandeis-Wellesley Orchestra: Hampton
Chamber Music Society: Russell, Tang
Collegium Musicum: Zajac
Evelyn Barry Director of Choral Programs: Graham
Wellesley BlueJazz: Miller
Yanvalou: Washington

Instructors in Performing Music:
Piano: Hodgkinson, Shapiro, Tang, Akahori
Jazz Piano: D. Johnson
Voice: Dry, Fuller, Matthews, Sheehan
Vocal Jazz: Adams
Violin: Bossert, Diaz
Baroque Violin: Starkman
Jazz Violin: Zeitlin
Viola: Bossert, TBD
Violoncello: Russell, Thornblade
Double Bass: Henry
Flute: Boyd, Stumpf
Baroque Flute: Stumpf
Jazz Flute: Martin
Oboe: Harrison
Clarinet: Matasy
Bassoon: McGinnis
Jazz Saxophone: Miller
Jazz Percussion: Langone
French Horn: Aldrich
Percussion: McNutt
Trumpet: Russian
Jazz Trumpet: Hopkins
Trombone: Couture
Jazz Trombone: Harris
Organ: Christie, Carrier
Harp: Zdorovetchi
Guitar and Lute: Collver-Jacobson
Electric Guitar: Kirby
Harpsichord and Continuo: Cleverdon
Viola da Gamba: Jeppesen
Recorder and Early Winds: Zajac
African Diaspora Drumming: Washington
Performance Workshop: Fisk
Accompanists: Akahori, Collins, Talroze, Tang

The Music Department offers both a highly regarded academic program and a wide range of outstanding performance activities, providing an ideal environment for students who seek to combine serious musical study with a traditional liberal arts curriculum. For those who wish to undertake focused exploration of music history, theory, composition, ethnomusicology, or performance practice, our academic curriculum includes programs for a music major or music minor. For students who wish to expand their knowledge of music without making it a central focus of their college education, numerous course offerings require no special background.



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