Department of Physical Education, Recreation and Athletics

PERA Professor of the Practice: Belgiovine (Chair and Athletic Director)
PERA Associate Professor of the Practice: Bauman, Dix, Kroll, McPhee, O’Meara, Spillane, Webb
PERA Assistant Professor of the Practice: Berry, King, Kuscher, Makerney, Mohammed, Salapek
Instructor: Babington, Bernhard, Cameron, Carlton, Chin, Gifford, Gillotti, Grande, Harkless, Hayden-Ruckert, Hottois, Kaliouby, LaBella, Leahy, Liung, Magill, Mercer, Owen, Pickul, Provencher, Renninger, Sieck, Ulissey, Vega, Weaver, Wilson, Work

The Department of Physical Education, Recreation and Athletics is dedicated to promoting students’ intellectual success and balanced living through increased knowledge, skill development, and participation in physical activity and sports. PERA engages and challenges all students through diverse physical education curriculum, varied types and levels of recreation and competitive varsity athletics, affirming the undergraduate degree requirement as an essential component of a liberal arts education.



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