According to College legislation, the student-faculty Committee on Educational Research and Development has the authority to recommend experimental courses and programs to the Academic Council. Faculty members and students are invited to submit their ideas to the committee. In 2012-13, the following experimental courses will be offered:


AMST 274/WGST 274 Rainbow Cowboys (and Girls): Gender, Race, Class and Sexuality in Westerns

ANTH 362/ARTS 362/CAMS 362 Experimental Ethnography: At the Boundaries of Anthropology and Art

ARTH 266 New Perspectives on the Global City

ECON 246/PHIL 246 Inequality

ENG 287/MUS 287 Words, Music, and Voices

ES 289 Environmental Mapping and Analysis

POL2 219 Human Development in Pakistan

SOC 202 Human Rights in a Global Context: Theory and Practice

SPAN 314/THST 314 Reading and Performing Spanish Theatre


Complete course descriptions are available in home department(s).


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