Department of Art

Professor: Berman, Carroll, Dorrien (Director, Studio Art), Friedman, Harvey, McGibbon, Mekuria, Musacchio (Chair)
Associate Professor: Bedell, Liu
Assistant Professor: Cassibry, Greene, Kelley, Martin, Olsen, Rivera
Senior Lecturer: Meng, Oles
Visiting Lecturer: Freed, Glover, Ivy, Lynn-Davis, Mowbray, Seder
Instructor: Balafrej
Administrative Teaching Staff: McNamara, Fischman, R. Rogers, Ruffin

Major programs of study in the Department of Art are deeply integrated with Wellesley College's overall liberal arts educational mission. The ability to understand the way visual information and physical space have been constructed, presented, and construed throughout history is vital to the transition from college student to active and engaged global citizen. The Department of Art is committed to equipping students with the knowledge and skills to navigate, understand, and shape the increasingly mediated and complex visual and physical environments around them. A critical awareness of visual culture, a breadth of knowledge of art in its historical and global contexts, and explorations in practice enable students to make unexpected and transformative connections among images, ideas, materials, and histories. The Department of Art's close relationship with the Davis Museum is critical to our goals, as are the study trips to Boston, New York, and elsewhere that the department arranges for our students. 

Within the Department of Art, students may choose to major in Studio Art or Art History. Students may also consider pursuing a major in one of the interdepartmental majors that intersect with the Art Department: Architecture, Cinema and Media Studies, and Media Arts and Sciences. 


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