Department of Biological Sciences

Professor: Buchholtz, Cameron, Harris (Chair), Moore, Peterman, Rodenhouse, Webb
Associate Professor: Ellerby, Sequeira
Assistant Professor: Darling, Goss, Klepac-Ceraj, Mattila, Suzuki
Adjunct Assistant Professor: Jones, Königer
Visiting Professor: Dietz
Senior Lecturer: O’Donnell
Lecturer: Hughes, Sommers Smith
Visiting Lecturer: Kenaley, Matthews
Senior Instructor in Biological Sciences Laboratory: Crum, Helluy, McDonough, Thomas
Instructor in Biological Sciences Laboratory: Beers, Dolce, LaBonte, Skow

Biology is the study of life. Biologists examine life at all levels of organization: chemical, molecular, cellular, organismal, and community. Biology is an extraordinarily dynamic science that interfaces with many other disciplines, continually advancing our understanding of life's complexities. The patterns and processes of evolution provide a unifying theme for our knowledge of the astounding variety of living organisms, past and present. Unless otherwise noted, all courses meet for two periods of lecture each week. If indicated, there will also be one three-and-one-half hour laboratory session weekly. Seminars normally meet for one double period each week.  


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