Department of Computer Science

Professor: Hildreth (Chair), Metaxas, Shull
Associate Professor: Tjaden, Turbak
Assistant Professor: Shaer
Hess Fellow: Mir
Lecturer: Anderson
Visiting Lecturer: Jones
Senior Instructor in Computer Science Laboratory: Lee
Instructor in Computer Science Laboratory: Herbst, Kakavouli

Computer Science encompasses the systematic study of computing systems and computation. It is continually evolving and expanding, making it an exciting field of study. All of the traditional areas in computer science as well as newer directions are represented in our faculty's expertise (including algorithms, programming languages, data structures, artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction, databases, computer architecture, networks, security, vision, graphics, parallel computing, robotics, bioinformatics, Web information retrieval, multimedia), allowing us to offer a large variety of courses and substantial research opportunities for students.

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