Environmental Studies


Professor: DeSombre
Associate Professor: Turner (Director)
Assistant Professor: Griffith
Visiting Lecturer: Higgins
Advisory Faculty: Besancon (Geosciences), Brabander (Geosciences), Coleman (Chemistry), Jones (Biological Sciences), Moore (Biological Sciences), Paarlberg (Political Science), Rodenhouse (Biological Sciences), Sequeira (Biological Sciences), Thomas (Biological Sciences)
Affiliated Faculty: de Bres (Philosophy), Karakasidou (Anthropology), Mattila (Biological Sciences), Stark (Physics), Steady (Africana Studies)

Environmental Studies is a particular way of thinking, conducting research, and posing questions. We recognize that knowledge of societies, the environment, and the complex and multifaceted relationship they share, emerges from a wide range of disciplines, including the sciences, social sciences, and humanities. An Environmental Studies major or minor aims to provide students with critical skills that will allow them to engage current environmental issues and prepare to recognize future ones. Central to this goal is helping students develop independent critical thinking, problem framing, and problem solving skills across disciplines and cultures with which they can diagnose and prioritize a wide range of environmental issues, from the local to the international, from the most pressing to the most long-term. Because of the interdisciplinary nature of environmental issues, the program draws upon courses from multiple departments. Each student will choose electives in consultation with her advisor to help focus her studies on an issue or approach that interests her.



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