Department of History

Professor: GierschKapteijns (Chair), Malino, Matsusaka, Rogers, Shennan, Tumarkin
Associate Professor: Osorio, Ramseyer, Rao 
Assistant Professor: Grandjean, Greer, Grote, Quintana, Slobodian
Visiting Lecturer: Blanton

History is the study of the cumulative human experience. As a study of change in human society over time, it lies at the foundations of knowledge in both the humanities and the social sciences, offering its own approaches to questions explored in both branches of learning. The study of history prepares students for a wide range of careers that require broad knowledge of the human experience as well as critical thinking, research, and writing skills. Most of the major geographical fields in history as well as the sub-disciplines of social, cultural, political, and economic history are represented in our course offerings and in the research interests of our faculty.


History Department Information

200-level courses in the department are open to first-year students. Seminars are ordinarily limited to 15 students, non-majors as well as majors, who meet the prerequisite. First-Year Seminars are open to first-year students only.




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