The following section includes courses of interest to students in various disciplines and courses offered within the Marine Studies Consortium.


Engineering Faculty Profiles

Students interested in engineering -- as a way to broaden their education or as a first step in exploring engineering more deeply -- should consider ENGR 111 Product Creation for All, ENGR 120 Making a Difference Through Engineering and ENGR 160 Fundamentals of Engineering. Students who have taken ENGR 120 are eligible for ENGR 125, an associated Wintersession course. Students may also consider possible subsequent engineering studies such as an engineering certificate from the Olin College of Engineering. Additional information about taking courses at Olin can be found online at crossreg.olin.edu. Students also have opportunities to take courses at MIT via the Wellesley-MIT exchange program. Class Dean Jennifer Stephan and Amy Banzaert, lecturer in engineering, advise Wellesley students interested in engineering.

Marine Studies Consortium Courses

The Marine Studies Consortium offers courses focusing on a variety of aquatic topics. These courses are taught at neighboring institutions and are open to a limited number of Wellesley students by permission of the consortium representative, Jocelyne Dolce, Department of Biological Sciences. 

The courses offered are EXTD 123, EXTD 128, EXTD 225, and EXTD 226.


Departments and Programs