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Geoscience is the study of the Earth and all its systems. Interactions between the solid earth, the hydrosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere continually reshape the Earth. Geoscientists investigate these interactions using transdisciplinary approaches to address questions related to how the Earth formed, how it evolved over geologic time, and how its continued evolution affects the environment in which we live. Understanding the Earth’s many linked systems is increasingly important if we are to make informed decisions about issues facing humanity, including global climate change, shortages of drinking water, health hazards posed by materials in our urban environment, and mitigation of threats from earthquakes, landslides, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, floods, and other natural hazards. The Department of Geosciences offers courses on the nature and history of the Earth, the processes that shape the Earth, the impacts those processes have on human populations, and our ability to live sustainably. Student research opportunities complement the program of study.



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