SPAN 241 Introduction to Hispanic Studies

Practice in oral and written Spanish at the advanced level. Designed to enhance communicative competence, this course will provide an intensive review of advanced grammatical structures within cultural contexts of the Spanish-speaking world. Each section will explore a specific theme through the examination of Hispanic literary texts and the arts, as well as other cultural phenomena. Varied oral interactions, technological applications, and critical writing will be stressed.


Fall 2017. Section 1: Repression, Revolution, and the Arts (this section is open to first-year students only); Section 2: Repression, Revolution, and the Arts; Section 3: Media, Fantasy, and Reality Section 4: Millennials without borders: Networks, Place and Identity

Spring 2018. Section 1: Repression, Revolution, and the Arts; Section 2: Artifacts, Images, and Texts; Section 3: Artifacts, Images, and Texts

Wellesley Instructor

Hagimoto, Syverson-Stork, Staff


SPAN 201, SPAN 202, SPAN 242, or placement by the department.



Semesters Offered

Fall, Spring

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